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Mar 01, 2004 at 10:22 PM

Process Chain- Error


Hi All,

In order to achieve parallel processing I have designed one process chain in such a way that it reads Data from PSA and send it to 8 different ODSes.

The sequence of processes are as follows:

1. Start.

2. Delete Indices of Info cubes

3. Load Data(Using Info Packagewhich has got 8 ODSes in the Data Target and in the Process Tab Only PSA-Update Subsequently in Data Tgt is marked)

4. OR Process(From here 8 processes are used to send Data from PSA to different ODSes to achieve Parallel processing

5. Update from PSA(in variant, relevant Info package and relevant ODS are selected)

6. Activate ODS Data(In Variant respective ODS is selected

7.Further processing(in the variant respective ODS is selected)

8. AND process(After successful completion of further processing of all ODSes)

9. Generate Indices of info cubes

After executing the process chain,everything goes perfectly okay till step4. But at the step 5 even though PSA to ODS jobs are Successful, process chain shows the status RED(error). Because that further processes are not getting triggered.

Is anybody know what is happening exactly?

Prompt thoughts would be highly appreciated.