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Mar 01, 2004 at 03:24 PM

Following Requirements


Hello All,

We have following requirements:

#We need to create a web form in jsp and initialize some

of the required fields using data from SAP

  1. We need to handle the client side eventing of the events that occur on the web controls.

  1. WE need to perform validations when the form is being submitted andmy be pop up an error message when some data is incorrect.

  1. If at all every field is properly populated then we need to submit the form and it should trigger the appropriate workflow (a customized one) and send mails to the lotus notes and also send the work item in the universal work;ist on the portal.

  1. We know for sure that all this can be done using a terminology called as Internal Service Requests or Personnel Change Requests.

The documentation for the same can be found on


But we are stuck at some of the few basic questions like

  1. Is the data being fetched from SAP during initialization of the form? if yes then how??

  1. How are the events that are being generated on various web controls like textview, drop down list, check boxex, radio button groups handled?

  1. If some validations are required to be done on the data that is entered on the form before submitting it how do we do that and most importantly where do we do that?

We know for sure that when the form is submitted the function that is being called is "ISR_PROCESS_EVENT".

For your information:we are on EP6.0 sp2 and use jcoclient service to connect to SAP.

Thanks in Advance for All the Suggestions and Information regarding how to proceed further.