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Mar 01, 2004 at 08:58 AM

ITS and Flow Logic


Hi... im not quite sure if this subject belongs in this forum, but anyway...

We have a client who is running SAP R/3 4.6b and wishes to create a sales order interface on the web. Because they dont have WAS, we proposed building a sales order interface using ITS. Im unsure though on which programming model to use - Web Transactions (IAC) or flow logic. The interface simply will contain 10 line items and allow users to search for materials, enter quanities etc.

My issue with flow logic is that its difficult to allow users to search for materials. Within Web Transactions, theres a macro called ~searchhelp that brings up the standard SAP search screens. However, with the flow logic model this doesnt exist. Any suggestions on what programming model I should use for this type of web application?