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Feb 27, 2004 at 09:37 AM

File Adapter configuration



I am tring a File adapter. I want to take data from File & upload it in SAP 4.7. Integration Builder related configuration are done. I goto Adapter Engine & added new file adapter, in Configuration what shud I mention against XMB.SenderBusinessSystem, XMB.User,XMB.Password, file.sourceDir(e.g c:/xi or c:/xi/)?

I guess the presentation server from where I have to pick up the file is to registered with XI as 3rd Party system. I have defined 3rd party software, component. The 3rd party system is defined in Technical Landscape & XI landscape. Stopped & started SLD server from SLD administration. Now when I click Start button Inbound File adapter it gives me following error message,

<i>***** Tue Feb 24 17:21:34 IST 2004 *****

17:21:34 (4023): File adapter initialized successfully

17:33:12 (4007): File adapter started

17:33:12 (4057): ERROR: Invalid source directory "c:/xi" specified

17:33:12 (4077): Retry mode - wait 20000 sec, 0 msec interval before retry

17:33:58 (4063): File adapter polling sequence interrupted</i>

Can you help me to solve this problem?