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Question bumped up with no visible activity

Dec 07, 2016 at 10:44 PM


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Question shows no activity whatsoever since yesterday but it got bumped up on the list few hours ago with no note. What happened?

I think it's not the first case but first time the blank action caught my attention. Not a big issue but looks rather odd.

If there was a moderator activity I'd expect to see the moderator's name somewhere.

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Jürgen L
Dec 07, 2016 at 11:06 PM

In the activity stream I could see a preview

but had no permission to open it (

This question had actually 2 replies from this user today. Both are hidden for me.

I actually link it to "vanished answer"-problem, or that it is in pre-moderation (which would then be visible by the ABAP Development moderators only), but it could as well be that he deleted it himself. I wrote 2 direct messages to him for clarification but he did not respond.

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If OP has already been able to post a question then what's the point to send his own replies to the same question to the moderators? This seems redundant IMHO.

But I guess that would explain such odd update - timestamp got updated but content is not visible. (I can also now see some updates on this question that were not there yesterday.)

Looks like either a bug or poorly designed process to me...



Pre-moderation was only a guess, a possible option.

OP replied this morning and was also confused that his replies were not there. I contacted Moshe and he IT. So they have now this example with the the link to the vanished answer and can investigate. I hope they find the root cause and can solve this problem with the vanished answers.