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Feb 25, 2004 at 12:23 PM

SyncBo synchronization and Replicator problem


Hi All 😊

I am trying to use <i>2-way</i> and <i>Timed-2-way</i> SyncBo, using the existing BAPI Wrappers for CONTACTS management (MEREP_CONTACTS_xxxxx). I have created the project following step-by-step the MDK. The contacts were listed, their details also.

But here is the problem 1:

When a record is changed in the backend the change is not visible from the frontend. To get the change the ME client should be <b>synchronized 2 times instead of 1</b>. The SyncBoDeltaRequest-s are coded to be SYNCHRONOUS (SyncBoDeltaRequestType.DIRECT_REQUEST):

The problem 2 is in case of <i>Timed-2-way</i> SyncBo:

The <b>Replicator DB should be called manually through MEREP_EX_REPLIC</b> function. <b>Only then the change is registered</b> by the frontend. In the MDK is written that the generated replicator function module is auto-triggered or started by a background job. I can't understand what exactly that means - are these background jobs auto-created or what? I looked for such jobs but have not found anything.

Could anyone please give some information and/or solutions for these problems ?

Thank you in advance 😊