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Feb 23, 2004 at 10:34 AM

6.50.52 Single Signon Experience?


Hello Developers,

I am new to this forum and would like to ask a very special question concerning the single signon possibility with 6.50.

We developed an addon in MS VCPP 6.0 using a login window to connect to the DI. Whenever we want to use the single signon in 6.50 we do not get a valid cookie, that is we only see '??????....' in the debug information. We also used the provided example programs in Visual Basic, but did not cope with a valid cookie. Where is the error? Thank you for your help in advance.



SAPbobsCOM::ICompanyPtr iCompanyPtr("SAPbobsCOM.Company");

m_cmp = iCompanyPtr;

bstrt Cookie = m_cmp->GetContextCookie();

bstrt ConnectionStr =


long Ret = m_cmp->SetSboLoginContext(ConnectionStr);

if (Ret != 0) {

MessageBox(NULL,"Connection to DI impossible", "Error", MB_OK);

return false;