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Feb 19, 2004 at 11:43 AM

Communication between two pages



Our first page of our web site is a portal page that contains different iviews. One of the iviews hold news and when I click on one of these news item links I would like to open a completely new page (in same window _SELF) with different iviews that displays the correct news item (also another component).

So when clicking the link, the new page opens and then I have to retrieve the value of the correct news item. Load the correct item into a bean and then write it out in the iview.

Which is the best solution for this?

I have tested with the traditional html tag <href> that points directly to the portal page. The portal page opens correctly. The problem is that I can't use the event handler to set a value in a session variable that I later in the the second page can retrieve.

When I use the htmlb link (hbj:link) and use the onClick event I can set the session variable, but then the reference is ignored and I can't open the second portal page.?

I also can send my document id in the url. The problem is that when I catch it in the jsp file at the second page it is to late. I want to retrieve the correct item from the repository and store it in a bean, and then fetch the value and present it in the JSP file.

Does anyone know how to solve this the best ways? There are no roles included and the pages and iviews are configured as anonymous.

Brgds// -Fred