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EPM Error :Invalid Dimension name

Hi Experts,

I am using following EPM formulas in my report


This formula is working fine if i didnt lock the report(Sheet options-Protection) but if i lock the report i am EPM error:Invalid dimension name.

Please find system details as below:

BPC 10.1

AO 2.4


I am attaching screen exhibit for your refference.

Please let me know if there is a way to overcome this issue.


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  • Former Member

    Hi Sivakiran,

    Apologize for commenting on this closed question.

    I am facing the exact same error "EPM error:Invalid dimension name." on a protected worksheet using EPMSelectMember. I think you could see the error once you unprotected the sheet, however the issue happens intermittently on my machine. This is the only difference between your issue and mine. So I cannot say that another machine will fix the issue because the issue will happen randomly, unless I have found the root cause.

    Do you have any suggestions on this? What is the difference between your old affected machine and new working machine? Are they running on different Microsoft Versions? or Office versions?

    Hope to see your reply!

    Thanks in advance!


  • It's better to ask new question!

  • Former Member Vadim Kalinin

    Hi Vadim,

    Thanks, I suppose to do that :)

    Just want to collect some details from Sivakiran about the compatibility changes from his new machine.

    Thanks and regards,


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3 Answers

  • Best Answer
    Dec 09, 2016 at 11:07 PM

    Hi JP and Vadim,

    Its seems to be windows 10 compatibility issue because today i got new workstation with fresh instalation of windows 10 and now i am not facing this issue.



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  • avatar image
    Former Member
    Dec 08, 2016 at 07:02 AM

    Hi Sivakiran,

    Since you are using AO I am assuming you are working on BPC 10.1 Embedded version. I tested the same formula on the AO in a BPC report with Sheet Protection....but the formula is working fine. Try to unlock the cell which has the formula written in it....Also what is the name of your Infoobject??? VERSIONS?? Is it custom infoobject? Because Embedded uses infoobject names instead in EPM functions.

    Attaching a screenshot...



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  • Dec 08, 2016 at 08:47 AM

    To my mind it's a standard model used with AO. What for?

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