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Nov 30, 2010 at 07:10 PM

Dynamic sizing of chart?


I am using CR 2008 and I have a pretty simple sub-report where I have a text field and three value fields in the details section. I have two group headers, one of which is a fake group header with group labels (GH1a) to act as the page header. The other group header (GH1b) has a horizontal side by side bar chart. The text field is the "On Change of" field. One of the value fields, which is a variance of the other two value fields and is suppressed in the details section, is the "Show values" field. This section has the "Underlay Following Sections" checkbox checked.

My question is, the details section can have a varying number of records that come back. From 1 to at least 20. Can I have the horizontal bar for each detail come back along side of the detail that it represents? Right now my chart always comes back the size that it is in Design mode.

Thanks for any and all help.