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Feb 10, 2004 at 10:38 AM

UI: folders, xml and databinding


Hi all,

could anyone post a sample showing how to create and actually use folders on a SAP form using an xml file?

I have used the GetAsXml method of the form object to get the definition of the SAP form business partners. However, when I batchload this form back into SAP, the folders do not seem to work properly.

As far as I understand, all controls on a form can be on different panes. The panes are controlled by the folders. The folders themselves and all objects that are always visible are on pane 0. Should they be marked form_pane=0 to_pane=3, if they are to be visible on all panes?

The documentation also states, that folders need to be grouped with other folders to work properly. Can folders be grouped via xml? Or only by code? Documentation also states

"To hold data for this element, you must connect it to a UserDataSource object.". Any idea how that works?

There also is an object called PaneComboBox which is used to control panes. Can anyone give an example for useage of this object?

Thank you for reading this. Sorry for posting more and more questions. the deeper I get into the subject, the more I miss documentation of certain issues.

TIA, Lutz Morrien

This is a quote from the xml I received for the folders:


end of quote.