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Nov 30, 2010 at 05:50 PM

SAPCL Having more than one DB2 use the same trace directory.



Looking at the DBACOCKPIT SAP Collector settings panel, we have all of the DB2 subsystems that run in a given LPAR use the same trace directory. (HFS path of trace directory.)

In our case, that directory is /usr/sap/saposcol/traces. This means that we have trace files called db2cl* from all of our alert routers running on an LPAR in the same directory. It is a little confusing, but we can handle it. The question I have is that there is a cmds.alr file in that same directory. The contents of that file seem to change occasionally. At times throughout the day, the file seems to be contain information related to the five alert routers using that trace directory. Is it OK for the contents of this file to change?

Another question I have is related to the sapcl file that is in this directory. The timestamp on this file seems to change periodically. Sometimes the file size changes. Note 958252, the SAPCL FAQ says "The trace directory is required to save errors or trace files and to start the alert router. To start the alert router, the system loads the executable SAPCL from the database, saves it temporarily in the trace directory and starts it in USS."

With 5 alert routers, sharing the same trace directory, you could end up with 5 sapcl executables that get changed around based on what a particular alert router needs.

Would it be better to point each alert router to a different trace directory?


Ron Foster