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Jan 28, 2004 at 01:10 PM

UI: OrderBy? / Insert and Update / DB-Function-Call



ich have 3 questions and hope for help:

(1) If i use the UI and display the content of a table (f.e. OITB) in a grid, how can i make a

order-by-clause? I know the way for a where-condition, but order by?

oDBDataSource.Query oWhereBeds

(2) is it possible to insert, update and delete datas only with UI (without the DI)? I need this to

edit datas in user-defined tables.

(3) I made a userdefined DB-function in SQL-Server. The result of the function is an foundet

Discount based on a own logic. How can i use (call) this function in the UI?

Thanks for help

Thomas Schneider