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Jan 23, 2004 at 02:35 PM

formatted search & programming addons


Hi all,

I have noticed a strange behaviour which happenes whenever a formatted search is used.


A formatted search reacts to a change in the field "ItemCode".

The search is bound to another field (ie. "OcrCode")

Here, it writes a new value.

In SBO, the field does change as planned.

However a flickering in the itemcode box indicates that more is happening.

If I want to use the event of a field which is bound to a formatted search, I am receiving many more gotfocus events than usual.

I guess this is because the search enters a value in field "OcrCode" and the returns to "ItemCode".

These additional events created by SAP and not by the user mess up my logic.

Did anybody else notice or come up with a solution?

Is it better not to use formatted searches in an existing SAP form?

The aim here is to add more logic to the form. (Like: "if you change the quantity of a template item, all the items below will change quantity accordingly")

Sorry for another riddle, but if I do not ask, I will get no answers.

TIA Lutz