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Jan 11, 2004 at 10:40 AM

UI LinkedBtn Object-sample


As I promissed in the webex session - I'm attaching a sample of using the LinkedBtn object.

Please notice that this object isn't available inside a matrix column (cell) for version 6.2-6.5

While creating your new form - you can add a linked button item.

'Adding link button code sample

Set Itm = Frm.Items.Add("Link1", it_LINKED_BUTTON)

'Allocating the new item in reference to other items on the form

Itm.Top = Frm.Items("EditTxt1").Top

Itm.Left = Frm.Items("EditTxt1").Left + Frm.Items("EditTxt1").Width + 5

'Connecting the linked button to the relevant field on the form

Itm.LinkTo = "EditTxt1"

Please tell me if you need more help.