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Feb 12, 2004 at 06:25 PM

Usage of Deployment service



I want to use the deployment service as described in the documentation to get and display informations about the deployed components of my application.

In the documentation I found the following example:

// get deployable object for deployed application ?Test? using factory

// class WDDeployableObject

IWDDeployableObject deplObj = WDDeployableObject.getDeployableObject(?Test?);

When I try to do this (assumed my Webdynpro projekt has the name "Test"), I get an exception which says that the deployable object "Test" has not properly been deployed.

Using "local/Test"

IWDDeployableObject deplObj = WDDeployableObject.getDeployableObject(?local/Test?);

I get the WDDeployableObject instance I expect.

Do I always have to prepend "local/" to the object name or on what circumstances does it depend?

Background of the question. I want to write a Webdynpro application (utility) that can get and display deployment information about any other deployed Webdynpro application.

Thanks in advance