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Nov 29, 2010 at 06:11 PM

Error while reading PO message when creating confirmation for PO


Hi all,

We are on SRM 5.0 SP 13. Extended Classic.

While creating confirmation for PO in the system,whenI click on the CREATE CONFIRMATION icon,I get the following error:

Error while reading PO in backend system.Inform System admin.

when I goto change the PO,I get the foll errors:

System of purchasing organization O 00000152 and purchasing group O 00000126 differ

Organization O 00000126 is not a purchasing group; Inform system administration

Organizational unit O 00000181 is not permitted as purchasing organization

Purchasing group O 00000126 is not assigned to purchasing organization O 00000152

On further analysis,I found that the issue is mainly because f the Porg /Grp assigned in the PO doesnt exist now in the org structure in PPOMA_BBP.

Can I change the Porg/grp now in the PO ?If so,how do i do that ?when i go to the dropdown for the Porg/grp it doesnt show me all of the current Porg/Grps maintained in the Org structure?How does the system determine which P org /grp to show in the value help for these fields under BASIC DATA tab in POu?

Please advise how I can get rid of this error.


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