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Dec 30, 2003 at 03:22 PM

Using Input Fields in simple WebDypro



I'm using a simple WebDypro for data input. I had the problem that my field were not open for input. I saw it on the screen but wasn't able to enter any data. But I still had an simple application were the input worked fine. After comparing these to applications, I found that the difference is in the definition of the context. The version that's working the input field is bind to a field from the context that's directly under the root of the context. In the version that's not working I used a field that's under a value node in the context. After switching to a field that's in the root of the context, I was able to enter the field. Using fields from a model makes it impossible to use only fields in the root of the context.

Is the described problem a bug, or do I have to initialize anything for using structured contexts.