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Dec 10, 2003 at 12:43 PM

Interacting with trees



I recently did some testing with trees in Web Dynpro...

...and encountered some problems.

What I want to do is simulating some kind of context menu in a tree structure

to enable the user to trigger actions like "Detail-view (for a leaf)", "Add new node"

or "Delete current node". Is there a UI element that can be used to do this?

Because I didn't find such a popup (or equivalent element), I tried to simulate

it otherwise: In this second scenario I wanted to use the mouse-click of the

user to select an entry in the tree. The different actions would be triggered by

clicking on additional buttons on the screen (one button per action).

Here I encountered the problem, that the selection in the tree is displayed

only by a (nearly invisible) border around this element. Is there a different

way to modify the appearance of a node in a tree (ie. make the text bold)?

Moreover I wanted to have icons displayed in the tree. I therefore specified

file://doc.ico as IconSource for my nodes (TreeItemType) with no effect

(except the error-msg: IconSource is not implemented on CSF_WDTreeItemType: LDCN.TreeView.level1). What / where do I have to specify / implement

the icon source?

When specifying the same URL as defaultIconItemSource at root-level

there are at least placeholders (with red cross) showing that there is some

icon which cannot be displayed. In this case there is no error-msg.

(doc.ico is available under mime...).

My system specs are:

Version: Sneak Preview 2.0.0

Build id: 20030515144

I would be pleased if someone could give me some hints... ;o)


Thomas Koch