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Feb 07, 2004 at 08:32 PM




I have some problems with with BAPI (CRM 3.0). Some basic things like changing the

description or the probability work, but I now encountered some barriers:

1) Change the expected product value of product items

While there does exist a PRICING_ITEM table in the BAPI_OPPORTUNITY_GETDETAILMULTI,

there is nothing like this in the BAPI_OPPORTUNITY_CHANGEMULTI. How can I change

revenue value of the items? Somebody told me that I should try CONDITION_CHANGE.

Is there some documentation about the values of the fields in this table? I cant'


of course.

2) Create a new product item

I managed to update some fields of existing items (besides the value -> first question)

I also want to add an item to the opportunity. Therefore I add a new entry to the

ITEM table. I do this by cloning an existing item and updating some fields:

GUID -> empty (I don't know in advance)

NUMBER_INT -> to something unique

MODE -> A (should be the code for create)

Unfortunately the item does not show up after calling the BAPI.

I assume I have to create a link to the opportunity somehow. Maybe this has to be done

by setting the appropriate field. Is it PARENT or HEADER??

Again I couldn't find any useful documentation, neither in "se37" nor online.

3) Change the status of an opportunity

At first look this sounds to be trivial, but there is an own table for the status. The

BAPI_OPPORTUNITY_GETDETAILMULTI returns a bunch of entries for one single opportunity. Do I have

to add an entry? I already tried it out with several different combinations of parameters

but it didn't work...

4) A general question: Where can I find online documentation on the BAPIs? I know

this sounds like a typical FAQ and I already searched the Interface Repository

( but I couldn't find documentation

about this BAPI (maybe I'm too blind to see). Especially it's very hard for me as newbie

to find out which fields of a table have to be set and what the values have to look


5) doing changes with "se37"

I never managed to commit any changes using the se37 transaction. Although the BAPI call

seems to work, the changes never appear in the system. I also do a BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT

manually. Does this not work with se37 at all?

Some examples (Java, ABAP or anything else) would also be a great.

Thanks in advance you for your help. I don't need to mention that these issues

are very time-critical (as usual).