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Nov 29, 2010 at 04:47 AM

Contact Person Replication Problem - Updating could not be completed


Dear Experts,

I'm facing the problem when replicating contact person from CRM to R/3. It only happen when changing the bp/contact person that paired (with contact person relation type) to more than 5 customer/bp and it always error when replicating to R/3.

If I trace the probelm in SMW01, the error message appreared is : Updating could not be completed. I'am affraid the workload in R/3 system is to high or the time that given for processing the BDOCS is too short.

Is there any configuration to set the time for processing the BDOCS from CRM?

Or is there any solution to solve this issue?

Please helps

Many thanks in advance.


eddhie k