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Dec 18, 2003 at 02:29 PM

Tableview Questions


It has been a good while since I had to write a dialog program (past 4 yrs or so have been outside SAP via RFCs/BAPIs). Anyways, I am playing with a simple 1 screen dialog that uses a tableview. I have the flu right now so banging my head against the desk as I fight to resolve these simple issues is not an option. =) Anyways, here goes:

(1) How can I make a single selected row editbale (input='1' ?) while all others are display only?

(2) How can I reference individual cells for a selected row? I see how to reference columns, but not rows/lines.

That's it. See....simple....but not when sick and unable to think straight. haha...ughh.


aka.HERC (RIP) (RIP)