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Dec 07, 2003 at 05:47 PM

Abap Object-oriented question


Hi Folks,

I'm currenty writing a user exit in SAP BW and in this user exit I would like to retrieve the value of a certain instance attribute but I don't manage to do this.

Let me explain you what I mean. At a certain point in some standard code a "create object query" statement occurs which declares a certain class. Via query->n_handle the value of an attribute can be derived in this standard program.

But... then the user exit is being called but I don't have access anymore to query->n_handle. The strange thing is I'm 100% sure the class can still be accessed as I tested in debugging node that I can view the class instance 3<\CLASS=CL_RSR_REQUEST> in debugging mode on the tabstrip table where you usually view internal tables. This instance was created in the standard program via "create object query". Why can't I access this anymore in the user exit while I can perfectly view the class in this user exit while in debugging mode. Can anyone give me a hint how to fetch the value from the attribute of 3<\CLASS=CL_RSR_REQUEST> as I need this badly.

Thanks in advance.