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Nov 27, 2010 at 05:09 AM

Level of moderation in SDN


From the last few days i think the level of moderation in SDN is decreased. Report abuse button with comments like cross postings,wrong forums,failed to search properly, very basic questions is not working. i think some moderators are busy and some other are influenced by the recent thread by one member questioning a moderator about the comments. The rules of Engagement is not changed but the moderation level is decreased. the good thing is some of the moderators(new to me) are actively participating in forums but some very known are not actively moderating. is there any desicion taken in Moderators forum regarding the moderation in SDN.Test and play ground forum is becoming very active but more of those threads coming from only few categories. all these are my opinions and so i have a question in my mind

Is the level of moderation in SDN decreased?