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No tag for SAP user group events?

Where are we supposed to post the content related to the SAP user group events?

If, for example, someone wanted to post an announcement about an ASUG meeting or a webcast where would it go? See Tammy's question in this recent blog and I also have an ASUG related blog that still requires retagging.

Below is all we have under the "Event".

Of course we have ASUG web site but SCN is much more popular and we can reach other communities as well.

Need some tag for other SAP-themed events.

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  • I'd love for it to become cluttered but I believe there were not more than 1-2 blogs posted monthly about all other events. Logistically it might be easier to have just one tag for all other SAP-themed events (that are not organized by SAP AG). There are also the Eventful Group events and such.

  • Hi, Jelena:

    I did a little digging (really, just to remind myself). There wasn't an ASUG space in SCN, but I believe there was a general "events" space ( ) ... and that link now redirects to the general events page: (because we don't have any generic high-level tags in the community).

    Which off course doesn't help you at all.

    So, long story short, I'm not entirely sure why there isn't a tag for ASUG. I'll need to check with my tagging contacts to see how we can address.

    Best regards,


  • Jerry, as Steve noted above it's not just ASUG. There are many other SAP-themed events that are not organized by SAP and don't fit under any of the existing tags, including user groups in other countries. Yes, previously they all fit under "SAP Events", but now there is no "catch all" tag.

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1 Answer

  • Dec 09, 2016 at 11:47 PM

    Based on the fact that all these event tags are in more than 95 % used for unrelated content I would suggest to reduce it just to a singe EVENT tag instead of adding even more.

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    • Amen to that. I wonder if anyone checked the content volume in the old SAP Events space to see if the tag break-down was justified. Even though the list might make sense on its own, if there is little actual content then it's more annoying than helpful. Besides, the conference content is very seasonal.