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Jan 26, 2004 at 11:27 AM

MIME questions


OK, here's a couple of questions regarding MIME objects...

1. 2 MIMEs can have the same name in a BSP! Example is BSP Application CRM_BSP_FRAME in CRM 4.0, which has MIMEs/scripting/F4_Help.js listed twice. Of course the technical attributes show different document IDs, but which one gets "chosen," I wonder? This seems to be a bug. I tried export/import to another BSP of these 2 MIMEs, and the second import failed due to duplicate naming. The question is: which of these MIMEs is "live?" Is this a bug?

2. In the JavaScript on a live web page, I see a reference to a MIME object that looks like this: src="/sap/public/bsp/sap/htmlb/events.js". However, if I use the MIME repository in SE80, I do not see a directory structure that looks like /SAP/PUBLIC/BSP/SAP/HTML. In fact there is SAP/PUBLIC but no BSP folder underneath. So where can I see this MIME object?