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Jan 13, 2004 at 08:14 PM

Access to an URL from a BSP application


Hi everybody,

I have a program wich call a BSP application passing parameters from the program to the BSP into the URL. As follows:

CALL METHOD html_control->show_url


url = doc_url.

where doc_url have a value like this: ""

then, in the main controller of the BSP application, i'm getting these parameters with the get_form_data method.

the problem is that when the BSP application rise an event and the method DO_HANDLE_EVENT is executed, the application do a refresh and i don't know how can ovoid to get the same parameters in the URL. I need to delete this parameters from the URL or change them because i use these parameters to define an state for the BSP application and it doesn't work correctly if i can't change these parameters when an event rise. How can access to the URL from the BSP application?

Thank you,