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Jan 08, 2004 at 10:34 AM

Excel upload from Portal using BSP's


Hi there,

I've developed a few Java iViews for our SAP Portal that allow suppliers to download an Excel file, modify it and then upload the file back into SAP via the Portal. It's very easy to do in Java and all I had to do was make use of an open source "Excel API"....

The Excel download and upload functionality seems to be becoming fairly popular on the Portal and now I have to try work out how to do it using BSP's and ABAP.

My question is that seeming the Excel functionality is INEVITABLE for the Portal and many companies are going to strategically use BSP's rather than Java for Portal development, what is the recommended (and standard) way that it should be done using BSP's.

It is assumed that we can't use "Desktop Office Automation" for the Excel functionality because there is no "presentation server"....

Logically what I want to happen is if the user uploads (for example) the Excel file via the Portal I'll get the BINARY data for the file and write that file to an ".xls" file on the server....then I'd like to instantiate some sort of Excel object and access the contents of the up internal tables and update SAP......

Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated