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TableView Iterator - Inputfield and Image in one cell???


I've got I little problem maybe easy to solute but I didn't get it rigth yet.

I've got a tableview in Lineselection mode, on Click I like to get my date

fields as inputfields and net to the datefields a icon SAVE.

I fits and works but their is allways a carriage return between my inputfield

and the icon and I don't like this - anybody know how to solute??

Many thanks Matthias



append initial line to p_column_definitions assigning add( element = endda_save ).

p_replacement_bee = endda_bee.


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2 Answers

  • Dec 11, 2003 at 05:46 PM

    Hallo Matthias,

    "solute"? Not in any dictionary I checked. Maybe "solve"? Puzzled. But I suspect I know what your question is.

    If you look at the source code of the HTML you will see about what happens. You can also build a simple BSP page with inputfield (must be of type date with showHelp!) plus the image. It has nothing to do with iterator.

    When the inputField is rendered, it is usually rendered as

    . However, once you request showHelp, then we have to place that nice little icon next to the inputField. And this is done with a sequence:

    Problem is that in HTML is a block sequence, and browser will always do a break after this HTML element. (You can check this in that very good HTML book you have on your table, at about the place where I have my dictionary.)

    So now the browser "breaks" (moves to new line) after our sequence, and then your image lands effectively below inputField.

    How to solve? You must render out an additional to put all of that stuff onto one line.

    Prototype code (I assume you are using cl_bsp_bee_table):

    endda_bee->add_html( html = '

    ' level = 1 ).
    endda_bee->add( element = endda level = 1 ).
    endda_bee->add_html( html = '

    ' level = 1 ).
    endda_bee->add( element = endda_save level = 1 ).
    endda_bee->add_html( html = '

    ' level = 1 ).

    You could consider to add border, cell padding and spacing, etc to the


    Would recommend the level parameter as well, even if optional. One day it might be really needed to get formatting correct (when default of 1 is not the correct value).


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    • Former Member

      Hi Brian,

      many thanks for your help and your first lesson in using correct english 😉

      But what about the HTML Book I have on my table did I missing something??

      Until next question Matthias

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    Mar 12, 2004 at 04:18 PM

    Hi Matthias,

    I've got problem same as you had.

    I've some difficulty during the definitions of type of endda, endda_save and endda_bee.

    It is correct :

    DATA: endda TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_inputfield.

    DATA: endda_save TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_image.

    DATA: endda_bee TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_bee_table.


    I've tried with theese but it doesn't work.

    Many thanks,


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    • Former Member


      I forgot the :

      CREATE OBJECT endda .

      CREATE OBJECT endda_save .

      CREATE OBJECT endda_bee.

      Now it is all ok.

      Only small problem on showhelp dispay (empty popup without any calendar)

      Thanks a lot,