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Nov 27, 2003 at 03:14 PM

Button does not work



I am creating my first BSP Application and I seem to have a similar - not the same -

problem as Manny Pacheco, who posted two weeks ago.

My problem is:

My BSP App has a Button-Element, which does not react by clicking it - sometimes.

That means, many times it works!

So I think my code is okay and it must have something to do with inactive services and javascript.

When it works and I turn on the debug mode the debugger stops.

When it does not work, no breakpoint is reached, so that I think no event is fired.

Okay, Manny wrote:

"... could see that the "htmlb_events_dictionary.js" service under the

"/public/bsp/sap/system" path was not active. I executed SICF to activate this path and now everything

is working (the samples and my code)."

But using SICF I cannot find any service with named *.js

Can anybody help me?