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Nov 27, 2003 at 01:18 PM

New ICF node for Unified Render (620SP34)


In WebAS 620 SP34 (available 8th Dec 2003), we added a new ICF node that is used

to load all resources for unified rendering (UR). UR is the engine that is used

in BSP HTMLB Design2003 rendering.

All ICF nodes are always shipped disabled to customers (for security reasons).

Therefor, when a BSP application is run in Design2003 mode, it will not be able

to load its required resources. The typical error seen in browser is a Javascript

error or missing CSS files.

If Design2003 is used, please use transaction SICF, and activate all ICF nodes

for the path /sap/public/bc/ur. See also OSS note 517484.

For 620 SP35, we will add an additional check into the HTMLB rendering to catch

and warn on this situation as well.