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Nov 24, 2003 at 09:40 AM

DO_HANDLE_EVENT in sub-controller?


Hi there,

Please can someone help me....this main / sub-controller way of doing things is great BUT I'm battling to get the DO_HANDLE_EVENT to fire in my sub-controllers. How do you specify a controller to be a sub-controoler when you create it? I'm busy doing a BSP application and have all the code in the right place but can't get the DO_HANDLE_EVENT in the sub-controllers to fire at all (but the application probably doesn't even see them as sub-controllers!!!)

I've got a "default.htm" page that is my "main view" has the following code in it...

<htmlb:tray id = "documentTypeTray"

title = "Document Type"

design = "form"

width = "100%"

isCollapsed = "false" >"

comp_id = "findDocument" />


Now if you can imagine the view called by "" has a button on it and when the user clicks on it I want the code to break in the sub-controllers DO_HANDLE_EVENT BUT it always breaks in the main controllers DO_HANDLE_EVENT....

I've obviously lost the plot somewhere....please help!!!