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Nov 12, 2003 at 12:51 PM

FYI: ICM 'dies' when creating dynamic BSP-Pages (e.g. image) with no content header/type ...


Hi all,

the past two weeks we had one problem which is solved now:

1) We build up a table where we save images...

2) We have a View using <htmlb:image...> with following constellation:

<htmlb:image src = "zipo/pa/photo.html?userid=<%= model_viewdata->userid. %>"

alt = "Photo: <%= model_viewdata->name. %>"

tooltip = "Photo: <%= model_viewdata->name. %>" />

The file zipo/pa/photo.html is a bsp page where we read the data from the table (oninitialization) depending on userid and generate the photo:

<% call method runtime->server->response->set_header_field


name = 'content-type'

value = pict_type.


name = 'Content-Length'

value = pict_length ).

runtime->server->response->set_data( pict ).


In a special constellation (programming error) this page was called although no userid was delivered! So the bsp page got initial values for pict_type, pict_length and pict !

So, trying to load this View with this constellation up to 3 times the ICM dies and we had to restart the sap system every time...! In the Trace Log there is an error message: "ERROR: Read icTICMreadFileHeader" !

Although it was an programming error, I want to publish this information as it is a good experience! I also think althaugh it was an error in the program, probably it is possible to produce an error message by the BSP-Team on the bsp page and the ICM doesn't "die"...


Murat Akpolat