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Former Member
Nov 10, 2003 at 06:01 PM

How to derive from BSP Extension Elements?


Hi there.

Is there an easy way to derive a new bsp extension element from an existing one?

Let's say I want to extend the functionality of the HTMLB tableView-Element. Am I right that I do have to do the following steps ?

1.) Create a new BSP Extension if not already done.

2.) Create a new BSP Element.

3.) Specify the Element-Handler-Class for the new Element. The Base class for this is generated automatically. Somehow specify that (one of) these classes is / are derived from CL_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW or related classes.

4.) Copy all the attributes from the attributes table of the tableView-Element into the attributes table of the new element (in Repository Browser -> BSP Extension).

Unfortunately, I couldn't achieve what I had planned because step 3 caused some problems. Besides step 4 seems to make the whole process a little bit more complicated than necessary.

Is there probably an easier way to do this?

If not, could someone be so kind to tell me what I have to do exactly in step 3 to get the desired result.

Thanks in advance.