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How to wrap or not text contained in htmlb:tree control

Hi all,

in my bsp page, I created <htmlb:gridlayout> with inside one cell

in this cell I put a complete tree with a few levels

sometimes I need to display in a treenode a >> long << description

I tried to fix the width attribute of the gridlayout, gridlayout cell and the tree

and tried also to put the attribute wrapping="true" allowed only for the gridlayout

but :

- the >> long << description is displayed on one single line with no carriage return, and of course the horizontal scrollbar appears ...

thanks for any ideas



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 31, 2003 at 07:00 PM

    Hallo Emmanuel,

    Long time you have been quiet. I hope you have been flashing around, and have been reading all the posts here. And don't forget to look at some weblogs. At the least the last two ones on BSP you will require soon :).

    As for the tree, it was not designed for autowrapping loooooong texts. If you look a little at the rendered HTML, you will find the "nowrap" sequence. I have checked our source, and see that we render this out unconditionally.

    regards, brian

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