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Oct 30, 2003 at 03:13 PM

BSP and Accessibility


I have a BSP Application using som plain html and htmlb. I am now trying to make my BSP application accessible.

What I found out up to this day:

You can use the 'BspAccessibility' and 'sap-accessibility'. The documentation at this point is a little bit confusing.

Here are my questions:

1.) If you set ?sap-accessibility=X in the URL you can use this parameter in the BSP runtime. So this parameter should be used, when creating an accessibility switch in applications? In my understanding with this parameter it is only possible to define the whole application as accessible or not. Is it possible to use it inidivually when log on like the next parameter.

2.) There is another parameter called BspAccessibility which can be set in SICF. You can also show this flag when using redirect to URL in SICF. Then you can set it individually for each logon. When this parameter is set, the htmlb changes its rendering behaviour: What does that exactly mean?

3.) Does this parameter have any impcat on the other parameter?

4.) Why are there two accessibility flags?

I would appreciate if anybody could give me more information about how making my BSP application accessible.