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Nov 24, 2010 at 04:05 PM

Usage of Search String


Hello SAP Gurus,

I have a requirement where my client wants to use Search String to identify Customer and post payment to the customer.

ie The EBS file from Bank statement will contain words for a specific customer (its not a Customer Name). Upon identifying the search string, payment should be credited to Customer account. This is not a clear entry and just a post entry.

Posting rule is as follows:

Post rule Z999

Posting area 2

Debit Pstg Key 40

Acct symbol Z-CASH MAIN

Cr Pstg Key 15

Cr Acct Symbol Left blank (to search for customer)

Doc Type DZ

Posting Type 3 (Post Credit entry to subledger)

I have already configured the search string. However, when I am trying to define usage, I use BDC field name1, BDC value name1, BDC Account Type 1 for the search string but my attempts are in vain:

I tried BDC Account Type 1 "D"

BDC field name1 "KNB1-KUNNR"

BDC value name1, 400020 where 400020 is Customer Number (Customer code in sap).

Can anyone please point out where have I gone wrong. Also, would like to know how to change to this posting rule Z999 for an external transaction (say 175) whenever this search string is encountered for the specific customer.

Appreciate your response to this mail.

Thanks in advance.


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