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Word translation and BSP

Hi all,

Using a BSP, it is possible to use OTR(package/field) to have your word automatically translated

into the connected language when the BSP is read by the server.

Now, in my Flash object, I use a few words that I need to translate depending on which language is used. My idea was to create a TEXT TABLE in my package with all words in english. This

TEXT TABLE has to be translated in the normal SAP translation process, so I don't care about this translation. Then I read this TABLE, I create a file with all words from this TABLE and give this page to my flash object.

All words in this page are in the connected language.

BUT, the most inconvenient is that each time I launch my flash object, each time this page is built and it is of course not required because the TEXT TABLE doesn't change.

Do you have another solution ?

Create a persitent page ?

Thanks for your help

Best regards,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Sep 29, 2003 at 05:56 PM

    Hallo Emmanuel,

    Somehow I suspect that you already have all the bits and pieces. So let me just bring them all together for you.

    First, the solution to use the text table is excellent. It is one that we have used often with success.

    Next you need a page which sends these language related texts to your browser so that your flash object can read them. I assume that it will either be a .js or .xml page. Simply make a new BSP page, call it, for example, "texts.js". Look at the property tab for this page, and then set both browser and server cache values to something like 86000 (24 hours). Once the browser has fetched the file, it will be cached in the server, and in the browser. All new fetches will be done directly at the browser.

    For an example, see: BSP application "system", page "htmlb_text.js". Does exactly this, including the text pool! Do not forget to look at the properties tab of the page, the caching section.


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