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Nov 24, 2010 at 10:32 AM

Portal Theme Issue for One application



There is a Issue with One of the user of our Portal. The Issue description is as given below.

We have An Application called "My profile", Which is ABAP dynpro application, called as Iview from portal. When it gets displayed in Portal, the Portal Standard theme is applied on it by default. Our Issue is, Only for One User and only for one application, the portal theme is not set properly and the page appears scrambled.

The worse part is, The user is having this issue only in few machines and not not in all machines. In some machine theme is set properly, and in some machine it is not set properly. We assumed it could be Browser related issue, but in machine where the user is having problem, when tested with different other user id, it is working fine. This means, Browser level issue is not there as if browser issue would have been there, it would have not worked for all the user in that browser.

Also, The theme is not set properly only for One app of the user, as other Abap webdypro application for the same user is working fine with proper theme set.

No errors in Default trace aswell and no javascript errors found inbrowser. The theme is not getting set only for One User, Only for One abap dynpro App and only in Few machines.

Can come one advice on what could be the issue.

Thanks in advance