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Sep 25, 2003 at 01:32 PM

Smart Sync outbox entries and MAM outbound syncBo's.



I am currently working in a MAM 2.0 implementation and I am having some problems from the mobile device to get data.

I am using transaction MEREP_MON to monitor all the outbound sync Bo?s to the Mobile Device I found some problems in the outbound sync BO's and I fixed them (then I ran MEREP_Purge to start fresh) then I synchronized again the next day and somehow the WEB AS is not generating entries in the Smart Sync Outbox.

I think this is the problem because I can not see any Outbound sync Bo?s in the Monitor but when I check the inbound sync Bo?s summary I can se that all the Inbound Sync Bo?s are in I-waiting and not in status I-finished.

As I understand the request from data starts from the mobile device and with the synchronization the handler will trigger the sender which reads the smart Sync outbox entries and if it finds a mobile id stores the data of the mobile ID in the ME Container and ME outbox and then the sync layer reads the ME outbox entries and this data is send it to the mobile device. Do you know what can be wrong in this scenario if when I sync and I run the Monitor I can not see any outbound sync BO?s ready to be sent to the device?

Best Regards,

Juan Jose Alvarado