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Nov 24, 2010 at 06:41 AM

ESS Personal Data not getting saved from portal


Hi All,

I have copied the standard content of the Canada Personal Data DC and have done some modifications mainly to the views. All mappings have been done and the application also runs successfully. The problem is that when changes are made to the data, the review screen shows modified data, but it is not getting saved in the backend.

After analyzing, I see that the below code in VcPerPersonalCADetails component controller is where the data is supposed to be getting saved.

public void onFlush( )
    //@@begin onFlush()
	String event = fpm.getEventData().getEventName();
	if (event.equals(IFPM.EVENT_REVIEW)){
		if (wdThis.wdGetFcPersInfoInterface().checkValidityOfDate()){

I see that the modifyRecord() method is not getting called which means that the method checkValidityOfDate() is returning false. I haven't changed any dates anywhere. If I comment the if-condition, I get the following error when trying to go to the review perspective: 'Start date should be after the xx.xx.xx (todays date) or later'.

Also the standard application for Canada runs fine for the same employee.

Anybody has any insight on this problem. Please help as I'm in a critical phase of the project.

Thanks & Regards,