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Jan 09, 2004 at 01:48 PM

CLOB BLOB support in J2EE Engine


i posted this in the Technology forum couple of days ago, but not sure that was the right place. so here it is again. apologize for repeated postings, perhaps we ought to have a J2EE Engine forum?



i am in the process of porting our company's j2ee application to the SAP J2EE Engine 6.20. our app was built to run on Weblogic as the app server and Oracle as the db server. One of the things i am trying to figure out is how the CLOB and BLOB table columns are supported in SAP J2EE Engine. in java, these corresponds to java.sql.Clob and java.sql.Blob interfaces.

i did find some information in CLOB and BLOB support in "SAP Library - J2EE Technology in SAP Web Application Server". there is a section titled "Working with LOBs". but the information is too rudimentary. specifically, i need to be able to update contents in a CLOB and BLOB column after it is inserted.

jdbc driver vendors such as Oracle and Weblogic all seem to provide additional support exactly for updating CLOB and BLOB data. for example, Weblogic has the following classes:



once we cast the ResultSet.getClob() or getBlob() to the above types, we can use the getCharacterOutputStream() or getBinaryOutputStream() methods to easily manipulate the clob/blob contents.

similarly Oracle has oracle.sql.CLOB and oracle.sql.BLOB classes, which also implement the getCharacterOutputStream() or getBinaryOutputStream() methods.

Question: does SAP J2EE Engine provide its own implementation of the java.sql.Clob and java.sql.Blob interfaces, with support for updating LOB contents similar to Oracle and Weblogic? if not, how would you suggest to deal with updating LOB table colulmns?

thanks in advance.