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Nov 23, 2010 at 07:24 PM

Services Registry Search Returns 0 Results


I'm following the 3 part walkthrough on CE 7.2 and one step is using VC to connect the CreatePurchaseRequest to a backend web service.

I've exposed the service in ECC, setup the endpoint/service on the Java side for that server, and then published it to the NW CE server. The publish steps return

"Successfully published service definition with key : "uddi:05c3d3ee-f4e4-11df-cab0-0000001b0b3e" " indicating the server sees and has configured it.

However, when searching for the service in VC on my dev system, it keeps returning 0 results in the search. I've looked at documentation for hours and can't find the fix - this seems to span many areas of NW. Can anyone advise of where to look or something else to test on the system/client?

NW WS Navigator can see the endpoint, and I can see the published WS in the NW CE Server. It does have an issue withe a FQDN but other than that tests OK from both systems' WS Nav. Only the NWDS 7.2 SP3 seems to not see it in the Service Repository.

I have confirmed the same results on a XP SP2 client system, and that I can get the default WS's from the CE server but nothing else. The search also shows my ECC server as a search option through the CE server.

Can anyone shed light on this one?


System info:

ECC 6.0 EHP4

NW CE 7.2 Win 2008 32 bit running on XP Mode for NWDS

VC 7.2 SP3