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Dec 05, 2003 at 12:45 PM

Web AS 6.3 CORBA and EJB



i am trying to use an EJB (deployed in the AS) via CORBA.

The AS is the Netweaver Web AS 6.3 Sneak Preview

The goal is to have for example a Visual Basic client which is using the EJB.

I'm trying this way:

-write the EJB


-generate idl from home and remote interface

-write client

The client has to call the namingservice to find the home interface and then he can "create" his remote interface.

My questions:

-is there an CORBA ORB in the Web AS 6.3 integrated?

-are EJB automatically registered at this ORB?

-what is the port (TCP) of the NameServer

I thought i can use the IIOP Port 50007, but this doesn't work,

also th port 50002 doesn't work.

I have started in the j2ee Admin the iiop Provider of the Dispatcher manually.

Can you also help me in Browsing the ORB (if there is one) with the jndi Explorer Plugin?

which Class? how does the URI looks like?