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Nov 23, 2010 at 12:24 PM

SAP PI 7.11 Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier



In SAP PI 7.11 I get an error in my SOAP receiver adapter when I try to send a request to a web service on this url:

The error is:

SOAP: error occured: Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

Adapter Framework caught exception: Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

Delivering the message to the application using connection SOAP_ failed, due to: Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier.

I have done the following:

1) exported both the root and the intermediate certificate from the url (clicked the lock and exported the certificates). I exported them both as type DER and base 64.

2) downloaded root certificates from

3) went to /nwa and imported the certificates under TrustedCAs as X.509 certificate

4) resent the erronous message in message monitor

5) pulled my already scarce hair when I realized, that I still get the error

What can I do, to get this working?

BR Mikael