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Nov 23, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Integration between SD and IS-Utilities


Dear All,

In refernce to the thread: integrating-sap-sd-with-fica

I am currently on a project where we have a reference customer which should be updated according to the Contract Account settings to ensure a correct account determination of SD invoices going into FICA (directly as well as via IS-U Invoicing).

This seems to be difficult. I'm pretty sure we're not the first to run into this.

We have been thinking of some solutions of course, below are the solutions we looked into or are still researching:

  • in previous systems I have seen that the Business Partner and the SD-customer are updated simultaneously (i.e. integration between Business Partners for Treasury and customers). I'm not sure how, my guess is via a BP role but not sure. This system also had IS-U activated

  • or have the Front office would need to select a reference customer from a list - MUST001, MUST002...MUST999 etc. This solution is very, very cumbersome, to say the least - FO process looks bad and someone has to manually maintain all these MUSTs.

  • another would be to map the contract account setting to the account determination necessary for the SD posting. Possibly in an event in the 4000 series. We are on 604 with patch level 7 which gives us the possibility to create our own posting areas. This is really handy, but I would like to be very conservative on creating them.

Any help would be very welcome.

Kind regards,

R.D. Griffith