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Nov 02, 2003 at 09:06 AM

How to trigger HTMLB:tableView onRowSelection event from BSP ABAP OO program



I wonder weather anyone knows how to trigger onRowSelction event of HTMLB:tableView BSP component (with selctionMode set to LINEEDIT) from ABAP program; e.g., when initializing first screen and then upon pressing HTMLB:button.

For example when HTMLB:tableView is displayed, the first checkbox should be set on to allow editing the first row. Then when pressing Select Next Row for Editing button the next checkbox should be selected allowing the second row to be edited.

I have developed a sample BSP program ZAWB_TEST_TV03 on CU6 (tsphl841) that consist of HTML:tableView and 2 buttons: Select Next Row for Editing and Select Previous Row with no code for click event on button.

Could you please let me know what should be placed in click button events to make it working the way that I have described.

This is a test application but functionality that I have described could be used in real life application. Do I have to trigger there onRowSelection event? How?

Your help will be appreciated.