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Oct 27, 2003 at 10:43 AM

Car Rental Web service


I am trying out the CarRental example that comes with the Web AS 6.30 (from the CD distributed during Tech Ed Las Vegas).

I took the following steps in order to publish the Car Rental as a "Web service"

- Created the entity bean (QuickBookingBean) and the stateless session bean (QuickOrderProcessorBean)

- Created a Web service definition for the stateless session bean

- Created a Jar archive for the bean (the archive now also includes the Web services related deployment descriptor, I think)

- Created an enterprise application archive

- Tried to Deploy

I am getting an error during the deployment - Complex type for the QuickCarRentalService could not be handled.


- Do I have to also create and include a Web application in order to deploy the Web service? Please note that in my steps above, I have not created a Servlet, JSP pages, etc. Would that be causing the problem?