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Oct 13, 2003 at 10:33 AM



Hi there,

I am wondering about SQLJ. I am familiar with the concept of SQLJ (being preprocessed and transformed into corresponding JDBC before compile) but I have a little trouble understanding about the distribution logistics that certainly have to be included with it in order to have it run correctly.

As far as I understand the connection your are using for SQLJ has to be fetched from a connection pool via JNDI. Just as you would with JDBC if you are working on a distributed environment. However the SAP NWDS always tells me that I cannot access the data pool. This seems quite logical considering that the pool resides on the J2EE server and is only to be accessed from compiled code within. SQLJ and its features however rely on this connection to be fetched before compile time. I on my end don't know how to acomplish this and therefore I cannot test SQLJ and take advantage of all the features it is supposed to provide.

Can anyone help me by either putting me right on my view of the concept or by telling me where I can get more SAP specific info (like a tutorial) on the subject to work within SAP NWDS.

I also wonder about the strategic decision: Is SAP going to choose SQLJ over JDBC in general? And how about CMP and BMP. Will SQLJ be the primary concept to implement BMP while CMP will in future be solved usinf JDO?

There are a lot of questions open about this subject I guess, so appreciate any input!