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Oct 08, 2003 at 01:26 PM

ABAP but I need HELP!!! Please



I have 2 functions one sits on system T99 and the other on T98.

the BAPI on T98 calls the BAPI on T99 the both have the same exact table type only a different name.

T99 - Table name AUSGABE

T98 - Table name WEBDATA

CALL FUNCTION 'MY_TEST' destination T99



The problem I have is that if I call the BAPI on T99 directly I get

0000015900;0001000520;ZTGH;xxx;20030221;000010;LIMA;lima; 1,000; 0,000;00000000

But when I call it from T98 I get the following

0000015900;;ZTGH;xxx;00000000;000000;;; 0,000; 0,000;00000000

and sometimes the data after the second ; is there and sometimes the date after the 4th and 5th ; is there.

Anyone have any ideas why I might be loosing some of the information?? Logins are done at the moment with the saem user with sap_all access